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Costco and Healthy Foods

When it comes to shopping for healthy and organic foods, I’ve heard many people complain about the price, stating that it is much more expensive than unhealthy foods. Sure, Whole Foods may not be cheap, but there are many other stores that provide you with healthy options that won’t break the bank. One in particular with which I’ve fallen in love is Costco.

A lot of people argue that being a member isn’t worth it because they could never go through the amount of food you have to buy, but Costco’s offerings are making it more and more worth the price of admission every week. I’ve been a member of Costco for the last few years and I constantly stumble upon healthy items that make me more and more appreciative of the $50 fee.

When you buy these products at Costco, organic and healthy foods become 30 – 50% cheaper than in regular supermarkets…making them competitive to non-organic and unhealthier foods. And for those of you who are afraid of not going through what you buy, I find that in my household of only two people, we EASILY go through the foods that are perishable within two-to-three weeks, while those that aren’t perishable, or have long shelf lives are consumed within a reasonable amount of time. Since each region’s local supermarkets’ prices vary, I’ve listed our own personal savings within the Boston region.

Product Amount you Purchase Savings
Organic Milk
Whole and 1%
3-1/2 Gallon Containers 25% – 30%
Large Brown Grade A Eggs
2 Dozen Eggs 30%
Organic Milled Flaxseed
32 Ounces 20%
Organic Blue Agave Nectar
2 Bottles of 23.5 Ounces 50%
Flax Bran Flakes
44 Ounce Bag 50%
Plain Greek Yogurt 0% Fat (Fat-Free)
32 ounces 50%
Go Lean Crunchy Nutrition Bars
24 Bars 40%

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Opinion Corner
Shoppers in Michigan shared their opinions about Bulk Shopping Experience
Which of the following types of products have you bought in the past 24 months from Costco?(Select all that apply)
Appliances: 13%
Housewares: 27%
Groceries: 94%
Electronics: 35%
Automotive: 5%
Entertainment: 37%
Furniture: 5%
Hardware: 8%
Health and Beauty: 43%
Home: 24%
Jewelry: 8%
Office Products: 21%
Outdoor: 10%
Sports/Fitness: 16%
None of the Above: 0%
How satisfied were you with your last Costco shopping experience?
Very Satisfied: 54%
Satisfied: 40%
Neutral: 2%
Unsatisfied: 0%
Very Unsatisfied: 2%
How satisfied are you overall with the customer service you've received at Costco?
Very Satisfied: 51%
Satisfied: 37%
Neutral: 10%
Unsatisfied: 0%
Very Unsatisfied: 0%
N/A: 0%
How satisfied are you overall with Costco?
Very Satisfied: 56%
Satisfied: 35%
Neutral: 8%
Unsatisfied: 0%
Very Unsatisfied: 0%
How likely are you to shop with Costco again?
Very Likely: 64%
Likely: 29%
Neither Likely nor Unlikely: 2%
Unlikely: 2%
Very Unlikely: 0%
How likely are you to recommend a Costco product/service to others?
Very Likely: 62%
Likely: 21%
Neither Likely nor Unlikely: 10%
Unlikely: 5%
Very Unlikely: 0%
How likely are you to recommend Costco to others?
Very Likely: 56%
Likely: 27%
Neither Likely nor Unlikely: 10%
Unlikely: 5%
Very Unlikely: 0%